CD Cover

Back Cover

Inside with CD

Inside with CD removed

Spine of the CD

T-shirt Design - Black

T-shirt Design - White

Example of Lyric page from inside the booklet

Tour/Freebie flyer - Comes with CD

Golden Ticket - Every 1 in 100 CDs include this

This is my DigiPak for the A2 Media Course.

The images start with the Poster. This is the poster for the release of the Single by the band. It has a release date, a review and where to buy it. Plus additional information including the record label logo, and the website. It also contains an image of the lead singer of the band.

The second and third image are the main images that you’ll see when buying the CD. It has all the conventions of a CD cover, with the band name, CD name, track listing, website, label name, distributor and writer names. The front cover reflects the poster directly and will catch the eye of the buyer because they would have seen the poster. The back cover continues the theme of the ‘lines’ – which as you can see, runs throughout the CD. The back is simple so that the front image is emphasised more. It is also a juxtaposition to the complex image that is the cover, again adding emphasis.

The third and forth images are from the main part of the inside of the digipak. The CD again clearly reflects the lines, as does the background, and the band logo is also imprinted on the CD. This is for help in case the owner loses the CD casing. I have had personal experience of losing the cases, and can’t for the life of me remember what band/album the CD is from! I wanted the ‘Inside without CD’ to just be see-through so as to avoid confusion.

Image number five is of the Spine of the CD. This is probably the image that they buyer is most likely to see when stacking or filing their CDs at home, or even in the record shop. This again plays on the idea of the lines, with the band logo, CD name and record label being shown.

The sixth and seventh images are of the two t-shirts that will come with the CD. On the front cover there will be a sticker with a size and colour of the t-shirt should the buyer want to specify colour and size for their preference. There is the band logo on the left arm of the t-shirt so people can tell that it is a part of the bands merchandise, as opposed to a normal shirt from a clothes shop.

Image eight is an example of a page from the booklet insert which contains the lyrics to the songs. It reflects the lines – as do all the other images. The lines as you can see are a continuing motif throughout the digipak, and will enable the public to distinguish that it is something from The FiftyFours. The buyer will be able to follow the lyrics while listening to the song. It will also enable the buyer to learn the lyrics should they ever want to quote them, or even sing them at a gig.

Images nine and ten are of the perks that come with the digipak. Image nine is of the flyer that every buyer will receive inside the digipak. They will have to take the flyer along to one of the gigs listed, and hand it over to the merchandise desk. The first 100 people to each gig will receive one piece of merchandise of their choice. Image ten is of the illusive Golden Ticket. This is found in one in every 100 CDs (or thousand, depending on CD demand) and enables the winner to free entry to any one gig, a goody bag of merchandise of their choice (limit to one of each piece of merch) and VIP backstage passes for them and a friend on the day of the gig. This Ticket never runs out of validity.

This is my digipak.


Rough Cut/Walk Through/Feedback

Once again, Youtube wouldn’t let me embed a video. Here’s the Youtube link, comments appreciated!

The feedback I got from this was positive. I was told I should have more shot variation, and camera angles. Also pace is imperative and I needed to keep the pace  consistent throughout the video. Obviously the quality of the video had a lot to be improved, so that is another thing I need to chance. I hope that in my Final Cut I’ll be able to have rectified these problems to gain the highest possible mark.


Presents for all!

Happy Birthday to Mr Robert Strover who is at the tender age of 18 today 🙂

Also, I’m going swimming tonight. I haven’t been swimming in years. I’m gonna suck. Maybe I should wear armbands?

Dad came home with my Orient v Arsenal ticket today! Can’t wait!! It’s on ESPN too. Sunday 19th Feb, 1645


So, on this fine Winters/Spring day, I thought I’d write a little about Orient.

After beating Dagenham and Redbridge 3-2, Droylsden 8-2, Norwhich 1-0 (at Carrow road) and then Swansea 2-1 (at the liberty stadium) – please check highlights for an hilarious own goal – we’ve reached the 5th Round of the FA Cup (aka the last 16). We’ve drawn Arsenal at home. YES. Looking forward to going there and seeing Arsene Vinegar on the sidelines at Brisbane Rd.

On a separate note, we’re not doing too badly in the league. We recently thumped Sheff Wed 4-0 and our last 2 home games have been 1-1 against MK Dons and 0-0 against Brighton respectively. These are pretty damn good results as we’re struggling down the bottom and each of these teams are kicking it up the top!!

Anyway, untill next time…

Decision time!

I have decided to update my blog as if it’s facebook, with general stuff that happens in my life. So prepare for boredom as I stun you with my teenage years.

The Soundies – Mini Musicals

Early 1940’s – ‘Soundies’ – played off a sound machine. Big band, performance being film, some narrative.

Genre – Classical to swing dancing. Helped make these genres more important. 

Production – based in CHI, NY, LA (Hollywood). Released within a few months of filming (quick turnaround). Musicians in night clubs.

Content – 3 minute musical films. Including short dance sequences during parts of the song with no vocals.

Context/impact – Experiment with slap-stick (silent film) and music. Comedy sketches would appear from songs if the song had a comedic film. Reviews by Billboard (charts). Gave a lot of African-American public exposure. Artists include Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong.

Audience and Media Platforms – Nightclub. restaurant, lounges where boxes were to play Soundies. Like a jukebox, but with a TV (Panoram). Coin operated.

Techniques – ‘Zoot Suit’. Narrative established, lyrics match narrative, slow moving, long shot duration. Looking into camera. Focus on the singers/performers. No instruments.

‘Little Girl’ – Nat King Cole – Black and White, selling artist, camera shots limited, cross fades, smart dress.

‘Stardust’ – More like a serenade than a song. Orchestra less important. Dancing in instrumental parts of the song.

Risk Assessment and Logistics


The band members will wear what they would usually wear for a gig.

Props (seen):

2x Electric Guitars

1x Bass Guitar

3x Toy Guitars

1x Drum Kit

1x Childs Drum Kit

2x Guitar Amps

1x Bass Amp

3/4x Microphone stands

1x Piece of string (not sure how long…)

3/4x Plastic Cups

Props (behind camera):

Table/chair with wheels


Mixing/lighting desk


Speakers/music player

CD with track

Props (overall):

All props are either already at the venue, or will be bought in by each band member, myself and my father.


I am filming this in my college’s drama studio as it is perfectly suited to the location I need. It is a relatively big space, and can fit my two ‘scenes’ perfectly.


I have been in contact with about 10 friends so that I can aquire the right help for the shoot. I have someone to be behind the camera, someone to ensure the storyboard is being followed correctly, someone controlling the sound, someone controlling the lighting, someone to push the table/chair when the camera pans and someone to be at hand if anything goes wrong.

Risk Assessment:

Tripping over leads – minimise the amound of leads needed (if any)

Lights falling from the lighting rail – double and triple check that the lights are secure.

Amps blowing up – make sure the amps do not overheat by being left on for too long

Fire – fire exits are clear and easily accessable. There are also fire extinguishers on site

Strings breaking – make sure the strings are relatively well worn in, with slim chances of breaking or snapping.

Drum Sticks Breaking – bring at least 3 or 4 pairs of drum sticks.

Should anything major go wrong, I have people on site, at hand that can help with these situations. If they are unable to do so, the emergancy services will be called.


As my shoot is happening in the Drama Studio, I have spoken to the Head of Drama to obtain the information about when the Studio is available and if I am allowed to use it. Luckily, it all went swimmingly and I am shooting my video on Wednesday 19th January.